Woody Biomass Energy

As the heat source for tourist facilities in Awara-shi as well as in Mikuni-cho, Sakai-shi, we are aiming to establish a well-connected recycling-based society by appropriately managing forests while abundantly using local unused wooden materials instead of fossil fuels as the energy sources. With Marutsu Dempa as its representative,“Awara Mikuni Woody Biomass Energy Business Association”- consisting of the forestry association, tourist facilities such as hotels and town merchant associations in Awara Onsen and Mikuni, woody boiler organizations and local financial institutions - is contracted to work on a verification project of the Ministry of Environment and the Forestry Agency (for 2011-2013).
In the future, a heat supply company using the woody biomass energy will be established in order to construct the business model of selling and buying used heat, with the Awara Mikuni Business Association as the parent entity.

Woody biomass boiler No.1
Installations of firewood and pellet stoves

A woodchip boiler will be installed at an inn in
Awara Onsen so that the heat source can be
used to supply hot water for showering and
other purposes. By implementing heat
measuring devices and remote monitoring
systems as well as providing maintenance
services, we will verify the effective table
operation. Also, a total of 6 firewood or
pellet stoves will be installed at inns in
Awara Onsen to promote the woody
biomass energy as a
region-wide initiative.

Marutsu Forest

We acquired a forest in Takeda, Manruoka-cho,
Sakai-shi, Fukui. We will verify the line thinning
as part of our initiative for effectively using
wooden fuels from a broad-leaved forest
and efficiently logging forests.

【Woody biomass boiler】

【Woody / pellet stove】

  • Minoya taiheikaku(Awara-shi, Fukui)
    Octobar, 2015
    Wood stove / Maximum heating value: 10,580kcal

  • Hasegawa(Awara-shi, Fukui)
    February, 2015
    Wood stove / Maximum heating value: 10,000kcal

  • Haiya(Awara-shi, Fukui)
    December, 2014
    Pellet stove / Maximum heating value: 7,310kcal

  • Community space at JR Awaraonsen station(Awara-shi, Fukui)
    March, 2015
    Pellet stove / Maximum heating value: 7,310kcal

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power System - the "energy creation" in renewable energy -

●We offer various services for solar power station(systems) from design and construction, maintenance to operation with the FIT system.


  • MARUTSU DEMPA CO.,LTD. New Annex (Fukui-shi, Fukui), 2012

    [Output :10kW]

    The 1st number which should be commemorated airplane which utilized the whole quantity buy system of the first MARUTSU DEMPA.
    I load the autonomous operation of power system function of 4kw and am relieved at an emergency.
    There seem to be no winter season and case that Yuki slips from a module and conceals a module.
    Foundation in a flat roof is taken rather highly.
  • MARUTSU DEMPA CO.,LTD. Ninomiya store (Fukui-shi, Fukui), 2012

    [Output :20kW]

    It was established by an aluminum stand ripple method of construction on a cutting roof.
    The MARUTSU power plant 2 number chance when the whole quantity buy system was utilized.
  • The Nets Toyota Fukui Corp. (Fukui-shi, Fukui), 2012

    [Output :7.5kW]

    It was stand installation to the first pillar as industrial photovoltaic generation.
    And how doing hope that it takes a module on because the pillar was pillar-like or.
    It was being discussed with various persons in each district.
    It results and is that I could receive great cooperation for a person of a construction firm.
    It was possible to keep the enough strength satisfied, and it was possible to begin to drive.

Biogas Power Generation

Design, construction and maintenance of biogas power generation that is implemented at places such as purification centers.

  • Hino River Purification Center
    Biogas power generation system
    Fukui-shi, Fukui

    Biogas power generation (co generation type)
    12pieces x 25kw micro-gas engine power generators
  • Kuzuryu River Purification Center
    Biogas power generation system
    Fukui-shi, Fukui

    Biogas power generator (co generation type)
    10 pieces x 25kw micro-gas enjine power generators
  • MARUTSU Echizeniehisa
    Purification Center
    Biogas power generation system
    Echizen-shi, Fukui

    Biogas power generator(co generation type)
    1piece x 25kw micro-gas enjine power generator

Small Hydraulic Power Generation

  • Takasu Micro Hydraulic Power Plant (tentative name) Fukui-shi, Fukui

    Consultation , design, construction and maintenance of small-scale micro-hydraulic power generation systems that utilize dams and rivers.
    [Output :0.1kW]

Fuel Cell Co generation Systems

  • Fuel Cell Co generation Systems

    Design, installation and maintenance of household fuel cogeneration systems.